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  • 27th Mar'23
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Do you have enough time, or are you among the many business owners who consider time to be their most precious resource today? Administrative tasks both in business and at home are time-consuming and distract you from focusing on crucial projects. What if there was a way to alleviate this burden? Our home and business support services can help you accomplish a healthy work-life balance, by optimizing your workload and enabling you to address your high-priority goals. 


Here’s what a personal assistant can do for you:

1. Inbox, office, and business supplies management - Personal assistants can put an end to the nightmares associated with cluttered inboxes, as well as depleted office inventory and supplies. We prioritize and categorize your emails, draft responses on your behalf, and flag any urgent or critical messages, improving response times and ensuring you don’t miss out on essential information. Ever tried stapling a bunch of paper with a stapler that doesn’t contain any staples? Don’t end up there, let our business support team manage your office by tracking office inventory and business supplies. 


2. Preparation for meetings, agenda drafting, notes, and reminders - In corporate culture, meetings can either be productive, or a chance to enjoy light conversation, tea, and snacks. Productive meeting preparations begin with chalking out a list of items with a clear set of topics to address, objectives sought and time frames to be adhered to. This can be achieved easily if your note-taking and reminder system is flawless. Don’t miss the salient points of a single conversation, and always have them at hand. My Family Lounge keeps track of important conversations and noteworthy points so that you can spurt them out as and when needed at meetings and during discussions like a professional.

3. Home, estate, and domestic commitments management - Home assistance involves a lot of responsibilities like stocking up on groceries and personal supplies, in-home support such as meal-prepping, light housekeeping, running personal errands, solving home service provider issues, booking cleaning, family and pet appointments, tackling monthly home expenses, bills and other outdoor services. We can help you juggle these everyday tasks and even keep your guests satisfied, taking care of screening your guests and making sure of their comfort as they stay at your place, Airbnb, or at any of your properties.


4. General project management and project oversight - Don’t let your successes overwhelm you. Keeping tabs on multiple projects simultaneously is a big ask, especially if you have a bevy of other things to deal with. Ensure that your project objectives are met, deliverables are completed on time, and within budget, and that stakeholders are asked to provide feedback on their satisfaction with the project outcomes, using actionable business support from our business support services.  


5. Light bookkeeping, vendor management, and expense tracking - Setting up, and keeping track of your payments, due dates, monthly expenses, tax filing needs, and financial documentation, not to mention vendors and service providers including sourcing, vetting, oversight, and management, are pretty mundane yet critical details. My Family Lounge can be an absolute life-saver by handling all these home assistance services, leaving you free to go and do what you're best at.

6. Shopping, entertainment, events, and travel - Looking to get away from it all, but don’t have the time to research and plan the holiday? We take care of your vacations, accommodating your likes and dislikes, managing passports, visas, and Real ID obtainments, booking tickets, scheduling fun activities for your family, making dinner reservations, and enriching your holiday experience. Can this magic extend to planning your events too? Rest assured, we take planning and organizing home and business events, designing invites, managing guest lists and RSVPs, booking caterers, and assigning cleaning crews, all in stride.  


Get a handle on all your business and domestic commitments, save time, reduce stress, and improve operational efficiency with My Family Lounge’s essential home and business support services. We’ll assist you in staying organized and focused both in business and at home, while you do the heavy lifting, fulfilling your core responsibilities and achieving your business goals more efficiently.


*Note: The content published above was made in collaboration with our members.

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